Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wikipedia Mobile released for iPhone

Wikipedia Mobile is now available though the iTunes store. This is the official app from wikimedia. The app offers an alternative to browsing Wikipedia's mobile version via the Safari app. Its App Store description states that the app's code is "100% open source and community built" and programmers are welcome to help with the app. So far it just offers simple search and history.

I would love to see an auto landscape and zoom mode. Maybe some bookmarks. Or maybe the ability to save an wiki for offline use. The use of copy and paste however does work with this app. Thanks for that. I look forward to future updates of this product.

Wikipedia Mobile is available for free though itunes app store using this link that takes you directly to the app store in iTunes on your computer or iPhone.

Screen shots are from my little test run.

So go download and wiki from the comfort of your iPhone or iPod Touch

Not sure how the open source of this project works. But by all means play with it and improve upon it.

-Bastian Gatten

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