Saturday, August 15, 2009

Interesting random Message on Aim from someone in Belgium

PrankedCoho: Cherry pits are delicious.
Me: Who is this
PrankedCoho: you just asked if enjoy porridge ..
Me: What?
PrankedCoho: "Do you enjoy porridge?
broodingcoho @ 18:14"
Me: It's 11:14 and I didn't say that. Who is this
PrankedCoho: You did.
PrankedCoho: it's 18:14 in Europe
PrankedCoho:So a) you're a spambot, or b) you've got a virus
Me: Since I'm not logged into aim no.
Me: And I'm not a spambot
PrankedCoho:Then the only option is that you _did_ ask me if I enjoy porridge.
Me: No I did not. What is porridge
PrankedCoho:Food, I guess.
PrankedCoho: "Porridge is a dish made by boiling oats (rolled, crushed, or steel cut) or sometimes another cereal in water, milk, or both. It is
PrankedCoho: usually served in a bowl or dish."
PrankedCoho:Know your classics.
Me: I'm not in to classical.
PrankedCoho:You might refer to it as "oatmeal", if you're an American citizen ..
Me: Ya I don't eat that either
PrankedCoho:Me neither, that's why my answer was "no" when you asked me if I liked porridge.
Me: I think the three bears liked it.
PrankedCoho:Yeah, possibly.
PrankedCoho:If it's 11:14, I assume you live in Chicago and prefer pancakes for breakfast?
Me: Actually I live a little further south. But don't normally enduldge in breakfast. But if I do I prefer eggs and bacon
Me: What part of Europe are u from

Ok not extreamly intersting. But yet random. Thought I would share.

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