Thursday, April 29, 2010

Army is No Longer in My Future

Hello everyone. Its been a rough week. I finally made it home from the United Kingdom early yesterday morning. I was very sad to go. But now to the Army part. You know that the Volcano in Iceland kept me from coming home in time to make it to Army Basic Training. Well while I was going though customs to get back into the States I started getting tons of calls to my mobile from people in the Army wanting to know whats going on and saying that they are shipping me in the morning. Obviously that was going to be a problem. So they said I would have to redo my contract and go in a couple of months up to like 6 months. Well then my recruiter was telling me different. He said I was still shipping Friday and when I confronted him he was like well I think you might be able to but its not confirmed.
Sort of the story I am sick of all the Army and their Glory in how they like to work and not let anyone know what is going on. So I voluntarily signed a discharge from the military. Check out this video here.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Long time no see!

As you all might know I have been in the United Kingdom for 2 weeks now. I was supposed to go home last week but due to the Volcano in Iceland I am still here till tomorrow. I am having a great time here with my friend Liam. I am currently in Gravesend just relaxing. Last week I spent time in London with my good friends Emily and Liam for some good sight seeing and some drinking. Okay more than just some drinking. But you get my point.

I ship off for lovely Army Basic training on Friday. Boo. I am very nervous and scared. I hope it is the right decision. But here enjoy a fun video of me with a street performer down on the South Banks of the River Thames in London.