Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Correspondence from Senator Coburn

About a month ago I sent my state senator inquiring his thoughts and details on Obama's healthcare reform bill.

Today I receive this response:

'Dear Friend: Thank you for taking the time to write me. I have received your letter and I value your input, which is why I will take the time to personally read your letter. I have a policy to read each individual letter that I receive from Oklahoma. I practiced this policy as a U.S. Representative from Oklahoma's 2nd Congressional District and intend to continue to do so as your U.S. Senator. Please allow me time to review your correspondence and make sure you receive an accurate, detailed and thoughtful response to your inquiry. I appreciate your patience as you await my response. In addition to the time it takes for me to personally review and respond to each letter, mail to the U.S. Senate is delayed more than I would like due to the new security measures. However, I look forward to reading your letter and my staff is already processing it. Sincerely, Tom Coburn, M.D. U.S. Senator P.S. For time sensitive matters, please contact my office at (202)224-5754, my staff is ready and happy to help you.'

I figured I would have got at least a generic response about the bill from him. But I got this instead. I am sure he is getting a lot of mail regarding this issue. Well maybe the next email in another month will have more details. I will post that when I get it.

-Bastian Gatten

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