Thursday, August 13, 2009


Tonight I met someone that informed me that they have noticed me many times over the years and had the unconrolable urge to come and talk to me. Yet he could not bring himself to approach me and say a word. It took coming across me in an online chat to say anything to me at all.

This is not the first time I have hurd this statement before from someone. I have had friends and coworkers tell me I am 'unapproachable.' They say it is the way I carry myself. They say its my deminer. That its all in my looks. That I surround myself with upscale people. Some even go as far that I come off as an 'ass.' Not just that but one whom is full of himself.

I will have to say I am not surprised at this; but at the same time surprised. I do not try to be 'uptite' or an 'ass.' I am formost for sure that I am not full of myself. It just comes naturally to me. Or so some of my closest friends tell me jokingly. Then again maybe they arn't.

In a way I quite enjoy hearing this from someone. I, in a way, feed on it. It gives me that warm fuzzy feeling inside that someone thinks before they even meet me that I am above them. Or that they are not good enough for me even before put to a test or trial.

I will have to admit though that I can easily get someone I don't want and be able to turn them down. Yet the few people that I try to associate myself with are playing me at my own game.

So I leave you saying...

Your move kind ma'am or sir. Your... Move.

-Bastian Gatten

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