Friday, August 21, 2009

Google, Apple, and AT&T fight it out with the FCC

Well its all out in the open. From the summery of Engadget it looks like no one is going to really step up to the plate and say Apple and AT&T are in bed together on approving apps for the iPhone. Read Engadget's post and summer of the FCC filings here.

It kinda appears that Apple and AT&T knows that they are in a bind here. Apple says they are still reviewing the official Google Voice Application. Don't get me wrong or anything but didn't Apple officially reject it weeks ago? I do believe so. So how are they saying they are still reviewing the Google Application? (crickets)

It is kinda perfect timing for Apple to approve the new Qik video streaming app for the 3GS today allowing people to upload video via the 3G network. Since the first version was only approved to work with wifi only. HMM!!! Isn't that interesting. I see skype coming to a 3G network near you soon.

Google doesn't really seam to be putting up a fight though. But maybe they don't have to be. I believe that the FCC is going to change up some rules and I think were going to see some changes in the way our wireless companies do business and conduct their policies.

Shall we now open up the networks to some scare. Maybe its time to catch up with companies like O2 and Orange in the UK that provides solid 3G networks and even are ahead on LTE support already. We in America are about 3 to 5 years behind other countries with wireless technology. And we are going to continue drifting farther away unless we allow some real competition between the wireless networks.

I would imagine that if the iPhone was available to other American markets companies like AT&T would spend more time and money on making their network the best network that they presume to claim.

Where is Jessie Jackson and the Rev. Al Sharpton in all this? I bet they would get it all approved. HA!

Just a little rant from Bastian Gatten.

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