Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Microsoft Racial? Indeed.

From the US Microsoft site.

From the Polish Microsoft site.

Can you tell the difference between the two images above? No? Well look closer. The first image has a black man in it. But in the second picture his head is photoshoped out and in place is a white man's head. Probably a polish man I would figure. You think they would have photoshoped his hand white too. Yes look again its black.

Microsoft has displayed no excuse of this so far except for an apology and the promise to remove the image from their site. Do they really care? No they probably don't. But they stated that they will be looking into the matter. They are probably just sorry they got caught.

I mean come one. Does it really matter if you black or white. According to the late Michael Jackson it doesn't. Its just ignorant.

Too soon!?

I bet someone gets fired over this one.

-Bastian Gatten.

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