Monday, October 5, 2009

Vonage available for iPhone... Well kind of

Well today Vonage released their mobile application for the blackberry and iphone/ipod touch. I was so excited when I first heard that Vonage was releasing a app for the iPhone. Since I have their home service and all. But now I am very disappointed. Why you ask? Because it does not link with your current home account. The app is strictly pay-as-you-go for the moment and will not give free global calling to those who subscribe to Vonage's $25 per month Vonage World plan -- Vonage says that will come before the end of the year. So if I want to use it on my mobile phone I have to pay for extra credit on a totally different account.

It is basically like Skype in a way. Except for the fact that you can use it over the cellular network. You are not only restricted to wifi. But good news for you blackberry owners. If you decide to make an international call it will automatically revert to the Vonage Mobile App instead of your regular phone service. iPhone owners must open the app manually to make calls. Sorry iPhone owners.

Other than that boys and girls its a pretty solid app. I hope they allow me to link it to my home account soon. blah.

Check below for more information.
For iPhone

For iPod Touch


Get the Vonage Mobile app and save more than 50% on international calls to dozens of countries.

Introducing Vonage Mobile, a free app for your iPhone that uses cellular or WiFi networks to make international calls at incredibly low rates. Sound good? We think so.

Vonage Mobile works with your existing mobile calling plan, so you keep your number and existing contacts. Simply download the app, set up your account, and you’re ready to start making low-cost international calls.

Call your friends, family or business contacts around the world without paying high rates from your mobile phone company. With Vonage Mobile, you’ll always get:

* Great voice and sound quality
* No calling cards, access codes or PIN codes
* Simple dialing from your iPhone contacts

There’s no cost to get started. Vonage has some of the best international rates, and there are no minimum call times or hidden connection fees.

-Bastian Gatten

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