Friday, October 2, 2009

Stickam iPhone App Review

This past week Stickam, Inc. from the parent company Advanced Video Communications, Inc. (AVC) released their official Stickam iPhone App that allows you to watch live feeds and chat with your friends on that are online. However of course they can't see you. Kinda a neet app if your on the go but it has a lot of bugs.

-I am running iPhone 3G and so far ive only been able to get it to work once.

-Every time since when I click on a friends live feed I get this message 'The file could not be found.'

-There is no way to switch to other people's cams that are in the room. Let alone see who all else is in the room

These are the big problems I have found so far.

-However it is simple to use and does work over the 3G network. Which comes as a big surprise to me.

Below you will find the description and the link to the itunes app store to download the application.


Watch live shows and chat with thousands of live users on Stickam from your iPhone or iPod touch.

The Stickam iPhone app allows you to watch any live Stickam stream and join the interactive chat rooms. Find a show or your friends and chat live from your iPhone. Now you can enjoy all of the great entertainment on Stickam when you’re on the go. You will never miss an opportunity to interact with a live stream from your favorite celebrities, bands, live podcasts, top radio stations, or TV shows ever again!

View featured shows
View popular live shows and social users of Stickam
View your live friends
Search for live users
Chat with live users
Landscape and portrait viewing mode supported
This app is a free download and can be downloaded for the itunes iphone app store.

Click to download

-Bastian Gatten

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