Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ping! my new favorite iPhone App

Yesterday I downloaded Ping! for the iPhone. Yes it's supposed to have the '!' behind it. It is part of the title. This app can basicly replace your official sms app on your iPhone. And even better your friends with an ipod touch can use it as well. It uses the push notification to let you know you got a new message. Also it is great that you don't have to give out your phone number.

There are only a few downfalls I can find to this app.

-The first one being if you want to message someone without this app you can't you still have to use sms.

-This one ties into the last downfall. Only iPhone and iPod Touch owners can use this app.

-I don't really like the ping sound. I wish there was an option to change it.

-A lot of times it won't let me scroll to the bottom of the message. (bug im sure they will fix in an update)

-You can't block someone you don't want to talk to or receive pings from.

-And for the last one; there is no media messaging available in this app. This one I hope they are coming out with one in the near future.

Oh and apparently this app will only be free for a limited time. So act now!

See below for more infomation and a direct download link into the iTunes App Store.


FREE for a limited time ONLY!! Tell your friends to Ping! you. Also works with iPod Touch.

From the guy who brought you Smart Dial, Apple's once featured app, Memory Sweep(Free!), PushGmail, and 7 more, comes the iPHONE MESSENGER app we've been waiting for --- Ping!

#2 Free App in the Unites States
#1 Free App in the United Kingdom
#1 Free App in the Canada
#1 Free App in the Australia
#1 Free App in the Sweden
#1 Free App in the Singapore
#1 Free App in the Norway

Thank you to all our fans!

Want to message your friends for FREE like Blackberry Messenger? This is not another IM or SMS app. It's straight forward iPhone-to-iPhone messaging with push notifications. Stop dealing with IM systems that log you in and out. Forget about paying your carrier for text messaging.

Ping! is the simplest way to message your friends with an iPhone/iPod Touch. It uses a unique Ping! ID and sends messages for FREE! But wait, what about your friends who have an iPhone but live in another country? No problem, Ping! messages will reach ALL iPhones and iPod Touches AROUND THE WORLD (ANY country!), for FREE!

• NO MONTHLY COST. Why pay for data AND SMS bundles from your carrier?

• NO ROAMING CHARGES. Some apps offer free SMS, but are exclusive to the U.S, or support few other carriers. Ping! is always free, even when messaging overseas and works in ANY COUNTRY in the world.

• FASTER DELIVERY. Messages are not limited by your carrier's traffic. Notifications are delivered in an instant.

• WORKS WITH IPOD TOUCH. SMS only works with phones. Ping! works with iPhones, the iPod Touch, and other devices that Apple may offer in the future.

• NO NEED TO LOG IN/OUT. Why deal with the confusion of getting bumped off when you log in on another device? Your messages arrive in one place. Ping! keeps you connected at all times.

• NO NEED TO ADD FRIENDS and deal with the tedious process of accepting invitations. All you need is your friend's Ping! ID to start messaging IMMEDIATELY.

• OFFLINE MESSAGES GUARANTEED. Some IM apps do not support offline messages or only support it with specific software (e.g. MSN). All Ping! messages are stored offline until received.

Using Ping!
1) INVITE YOUR FRIENDS TO GET PING! - you can both save money and the
hassle of messaging each other with IM or SMS.

2) Create a Ping! ID. This is your unique identifier and is required for sending messages. Make sure you choose an ID that you are willing to keep using and identifies you - it cannot be changed once created. SHARE THIS ID WITH ALL YOUR FRIENDS WHO HAVE AN IPHONE/IPOD TOUCH.

3) Ping! your friends - it's that simple!


Tell your friends to Ping! you on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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-Bastian Gatten

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