Friday, October 9, 2009

Tweetie 2.0 app review

Tweetie 2.0 is out! With all new features it is probably one of the most longly awaited apps of the year. Well one of mine of anyways. And unlike my uncomfortable wait of TomTom's navigation software; this time my excitment was met with that warm fulfillment like the first time you turned on your iPhone. Oh yes. It was that great.

Lets get into some of the new features shal we?

I think the auto landscape feature throughout the entire app has to be the best part. Because I don't know about you but sometimes I feel like some landscape; sometimes I don't. Although the UI seams strangely familiar to the first version of Tweetie. Do not be fooled. The new version is an entirely new app that runs smoother with a more managable, user friendly, UI and is just as fast if not faster with a load of more features.

The old bubble look is gone and has been replaced with a more solid stream of posts. Also there are tiny blue, stunningly, glowing orbs at the bottom to let you know if new tweets, mentions, or direct messages.

And getting updates are just too smooth too. When at the top of the timeline when you drag the screen down it will automaticly refresh and make a cute little pop noise when you release. Very catchy I must say. Don't forget to notice the search bar at the top too so you can search though all your tweets, replies, and messages.

Tweetie 2.0 now also has offline mode. So you can still browsed though tweets offline, manage favorites, and draft new message that can me synced and sent the next time your are online.

There is autocomplete so your not having to remember all your crazy ass friends crazy ass usernames. I am in love with that part. And while your are drafting a message if you have multible accounts and want to send with a different account you can click the top and select a different account while your message stays the same. The settings are even easier to work through.

Now for a few little downers which always come with every app out there. The push notification isn't really much of what it should be. Like getting @replies for example. It doesn't sync with the desktop app. But if you don't have a mac and just a PC you won't care about that cause you can't get the desktop app. And now for the major downer... You are going to have to pay $2.99 USD for this app even if you paid for the first version of Tweetie. But hey you've got one of the best smart phones out there that you payed at least $200 bucks for. So what is another few more to you right?

All in all if your looking for what looks like the best tweeting app for the iPhone/iPod Touch; look no further. You are not going to find anything better. At least not for now.

There are a few more features that I didn't really mention like video upload for you 3GS owners and of course all the old features from Tweetie 1.0 are available in this app of which most have been improved.

Now go and inform the world of your presence in 140 characters or less.

-Bastian Gatten

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