Friday, August 22, 2008


It really doesn't bother me anymore. What you may ask? The fact that you don't care about me? The fact that you ignore me? The fact that you are fake? The fact that you say your my friend but your really not? Or is it the fact that you think these posts are all about you but really just about no one at all? Whatever it is. I don't care. So be dramatic. Be a jerk. Act like your better than me when you really arn't. But yet again... This is about no one. If you are reading this. You are just paranoid if you think this is about you. Because its really about no one. Its the fact that I've been drinking and that no matter how people treat me anymore; I just don't care. So do your worse. I'm ready for the end. And nothing you say or do will affect where we fall or rise in the end. I know where I am going.

Do you?

The fact is... You will never know what all this means. Because like me; you are lost. You think you are self righteous. You think you are selfless. When in fact you are just as selfish as I. Yet I really don't exist. Because all this is; is a voice in an innocent boy's head. My name is Sebastian. This one you call Heath is no longer in control. I am here to stay. Pleased to meet you. I'm sure the feeling are not felt the same. I hope that we will get along... For all your sakes.

So it was foretold


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