Friday, June 13, 2008

Todays trip to Mena

Here is what one of their complete motors look like that are all chromed at the shop. A lot of the engine components are made by hand there. They do all their own body work and manufacturing. They only thing they buy are the engine blocks. And Some of the Engine's come with stuff that they remove and chrome and also add some of their own creations onto it.

Here is a picture of a 69 Camero that they have striped down and are restoring.

The pictures to the left are from the restraunt I ate at. I had fried catfish. And it was GOOD!

All in all in was a fun trip and a
nice break from my usual daily grind. Southern Arkansas is really beautiful up in the mountains and around the area I was at. I wish I could have stopped and made more pictures. Deffinately a place id like to go back just to stop here and there to look at some stuff. There were some pretty backwoods looking stuff too though. I saw a General Store that looked like a log cabin that probably was 100 years old. And a few
places I wouldn't have stopped just because oh... lets say... have you seen the move deliverance? Or wrong Turn? You catch my drift. Well it was a good day.

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