Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stress in a box

I just don't get it. Everyone expects so much out of me. They want me to comment that. Be happy about this. Love this. Allow that. Do this. Say that. I am tired. And then when I say or do what I want everyone is disappointed. I'm being selfish. I am not thinking of anyone else. Well can't I think about me? LIKE EVERYONE ELSE DOES!!!!

Its not far. Why can't people just let me be and take me for who or what I am and quit trying to get so much out of me.

This post is not directed to one or two people. I have felt this way for the last two weeks. Everyone is wanting this and that and whatnot from me. Im tired. I just can't deal with it anymore and keep my sanity. Quit asking for so much. Please!!! Just be happy with what I can give.

Im about to the last of my sanity.

Back to working on getting my computer running.

So it was fortold...

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