Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cleaning house

Well I cleaned out the north bedroom today. And I also cleaned out the front bathroom in the house. I picked up the garage a little bit and fixed the lawn mower. This all after doing inventory from about 8am to 1pm today. Derek has moved all his stuff in and I am excited about it.

My feet hurt. I am thinking of meeting Derek up at the fair but I haven't decided yet. I do believe I am going to watch Gov. Huckabee's new tv show on Fox News.

Lets see what else. Oh I have a home phone # now so if I have yet to give it to you let me know.

Oh and I have been trying to pass a kidney stone for the past 3 weeks. They said they might have to do surgery. Well... I hope not.

I might go see my parents next weekend. I am going to get the cattle fence charger and hook it up to my McCain sign so the next jerk that tries to steal it gets the living crap shocked out of him.

Anywho!!! I am off.

So it was fortold

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